Vaxis Noga Arm

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[Good Material] Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the CNC surface is hard oxidized.

[Universal Adjustment]The magic arm uses the most common 1/4 or 3/8 screw interface to facilitate various angle support.

[Good design] Stainless steel ball head with special treatment thread, durable and firm. The central shaft is locked by a special gear to prevent slippage.

[Easy to Use] Three independent joints, can quickly change the position, a single locking button makes it faster locking, stronger.

[Wide Compatibiliy] Magic Arm can quickly install high-definition wireless image transmission, high-definition monitors, lights, microphones, camera, pickups, hard disks, Arri Camera and other equipment. 

The perfect arm for small light heads or cameras. The super handy Magic Arm really does do everything you need it to and more, adding value to any shoot and allowing you to take great pictures without any hassle. This must-have photo arm is made to Chinese world-leading quality standards, seen on film-making set everywhere. It is crafted from durable aluminium, so you can be sure it’s built to last a lifetime, even for the busiest photographer.

Standout features include it's fantastic versatility. This magic arm has a high-quality camera bracket, and slots in perfectly with a super clamp. This makes it a nifty piece of kit for any shoot, and an essential part of you kitbag. There are four type for choice, including 7inches 1/4-1/4, 7inches 1/4-3/8(ARRI  hole), 11inches 1/4-1/4, 11inches 1/4-3/8, extra easy to slot into your bag and transport around.

This length and screw diameter means you can easily pair it with a variety of gear too, making it the photo arm for almost any job. But that’s not all, thanks to an innovative locking control at the pivot you can frame and shoot more precisely than ever, and with just a few swift movements.


1* Noga Arm

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