Vaxis Amaranth Camera Body Cap for RF EF PL E Mount (Sliver)

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1. The camera body cover provides protection for the camera
The lens cover protects your lens from scratches, fingerprints, smudges, scratches and other elements when not in use
2. Ensure longer life of the camera by preventing dust from falling into or passing through the lens area
3. It is best to have accessories in the camera bag.
4. Integrated with CNC, anti-dust, anti-scratch, anti-vibration, wear-resisting, anti-fouling
5. Front lens cover with squeeze, spring and snap device. It is easy to install and unload, especially when the hood is in use, it will always remain.

6.  Four Mount options for more camera users, RF MOUNT, EF MOUNT, PL MOUNT, E MOUNT

7. VAXIS AMARANTH camera body cap is shorten as VAC, designed by Vaxis Team. 

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