About Us

Vaxis is a global wireless video transmission equipment provider, and has dealers across the globe from 29 countries.


With world-leading R&D and manufacturing technology, Vaxis products have received high recognitions from buyers and widely used in international films, commercials, documentaries, and other big occasions e.g. the Korean Summit, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival parties, etc. 


Vaxis Storm series is a flagship wireless video system, supported and loved by the masses of Vaxis users. It performs extraordinarily in practically all possible using environments for different users. 


At the beginning of 2020, Vaxis pressed its first highly anticipated consumer-grade wireless video transmitter - Atom 500 HDMI, mainly featured with an affordable price, durable design, and reliable signal transmission. This line later included the Atom 500 SDI, and Atom 600 KV (for KOMODO).


Vaxis is always listening to its users and thriving to perfect its products, to provide a smart wireless solution for the industry.