Distributor Box for RED Komodo

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B-Box (RED KOMODO) is connected to the BP-9 battery slot on the right side of the camera and provides a breakout cable for the EXT connector of the camera. Battery Slide Pro V-Mount or Gold Mount for RED KMODO can be used at the same time. Customized right-angle 360-degree rotating elbow connectors allow neat cable operation. When using the B-Box, the Canon BP-9 battery can also be installed in the slot on the left side of the camera, or fixed on the device with a 1/4 screw.

Available ports include:

-R/S (3pin Fischer)

Simple runop of the handle trigger box, simple 3-pin Fischer trigger cable, etc.

No power available

Devices like ARRI WCU-4 may require a CTRL port interface with cable K2.0015758

pin1:GND, pin2:N/C, pin3:GPI

-Time code (0B 5pin)

Standard wiring of time code input/output

pin1:GND, pin2:LTC-IN, pin3:N/C, pin4:N/C, pin5:LTC-OUT

-CTRL (00B 4pin)

RED CTRL standard wiring

pin1:GND, pin2:UART-RX, pin3:GPO, pin4:UART-TX

-5V (USB)

5V available, maximum 500mA

May need to enable power in the camera menu

-Genlock (BNC)

Standard wiring for genlock

Center: signal, shell: GND

EXT input/output, one EXT 0B9 pin output is reserved to ensure that the original cable can continue to be used.

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