Vaxis Atom 500 Latency and Range Test

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Vaxis Atom 500 Latency and Range Test


——Let’s Challenge: 300 Meters Wireless Video Transmission Range Test 


Finally, Vaxis pressed our first highly anticipated consumer-grade wireless video transmission: Vaxis Atom 500 at the beginning of 2020. Thank everyone for your affirmation and support, Vaxis must work hard and bring more creative technology and high-quality products to repay your love and support.

As we know, latency and transmission range are the two most important technical indicators for wireless video transmitter. Today, we decided to conduct an ultimate test for Vaxis Atom 500.


 How far it is and how much time delay? Let’s take a look!

Generally, a professional-level wireless video transmission system requires a shorter time or even zero-latency, just like what our Vaxis Storm series product can do.

So how much latency such an affordable Vaxis Atom 500 is? Would it meet the needs of daily shooting monitoring? Is it really really really the cost-effective product? We‘ll see!


Following equipment we would use in this test:


Camera: SONY A7M3


Wireless video transmission: VAXIS ATOM 500

APP monitoring: iPhone 6 Plus


Latency test method: Record the stopwatch via the camera screen, compare the display time on the monitor and the camera screen and intercept the difference between the single frame of the video to obtain the delay time.

First, let's test the delay of a single receiver.

                              Three still frame captures


Test Results:

First group: 0.09 seconds

Second group: 0.09 seconds

Third group: 0.1 seconds


The average latency of the Vaxis Atom 500 is near 0.093 seconds when it works. Whatmore, its latency is basically stable within two frames, excluding the delay caused by the refresh rate of the wire and the monitor itself.


Vaxis Atom 500 supports the mobile phone APP monitoring. Then let's test the latency when the APP and receiver work simultaneously. And detect whether there is an impact on latency when both are working?


                                 Three still frame captures


Test Results:

First group: Receiver delay: 0.1 seconds APP delay: 0.15 seconds

Second group: Receiver delay: 0.1 second APP delay: 0.12 second

Third group: Receiver delay: 0.09 seconds APP delay: 0.11 seconds


In this case, while both APP and receiver are working, the average delay of the Vaxis Atom 500 receiver is about 0.096 seconds, and the average delay of the APP is also about 0.12 seconds. The delay at the receiving end is basically within two frames, and the delay at the APP is within three frames. There is no mutual interference when the APP and the receiver work at the same time.


02:Vasxis Atom 500 transmission Range test


In addition to the latency, the transmission distance is also a significant technical indicator for the wireless video transmission system.

More Range means that the wireless video transmission system should have a broader practical range of use, better signal strength and anti-interference.

Let's go outdoor and test how far Vaxis atom 500 transmission distance between our receiver and APP is! 


Following equipment we would use in this test:

Camera: SONY A7M3


Wireless Video transmission: VAXIS ATOM 500

APP monitoring: iPhone 6 Plus

Ranging instrument: hand-push range wheeler


Test site: The test site is on the sidewalk next to a busy main street. It is a familiar shooting environment in our daily work. There is much potential interference in the surrounding area, from viaducts, subways, shopping malls, and heavy traffic and so on.


Test environment and route icon


At the starting point, we connect the transmitter to the camera, hold the receiver and the mobile phone for monitoring, move away from the transmitter, and determine the longest transmission distance with the rangefinder.

                                     Test video still frame


At 206 meters, a black screen instability appeared on the mobile APP, and the monitor signal connected to the receiver was still very stable.


Test video still frame


At 316 meters, we had reached the end of the street, the signal connection at the receiver was still stable, without choppy animation.



Test Results:

The APP cannot maintain a stable transmission signal at 206 meters.

The receiver connected to the monitor still transmits the video steadily at 316 meters.

↑ Vaxis ATOM 500 test video full version ↑


The above is the result of this latency and range test. Do you like it? 

Does it meet your daily shooting needs?

We know, Vaxis Atom 500 could work well in more range, more than 316 meters.

Honestly, how far is its ultimate range?

Welcome you test it by yourself and share us!

More questions, please feel free to contact

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