Vaxis VFX 4x5.65" Star-cross Filter

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The VAXIS 4x5.65" Star-cross Filter have a surface that is etched with a fine grid pattern. Depending on the pattern, point light sources and reflections create multi-beam stars.

These 4x5.65" VFX filters won’t limited by the camera lens external/internal diameter, whatever Cooke, Arri, Angenieux, zeiss, sigma, laowa, DZofilm, Fujifilm...

They work very well with lightweight matte boxes such as the Tilta Mini Matte Box, Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom, Wooden Camera Matte Box, Cavision Matte Box, SmallRig Mini Matte Box,ARRI MMB-2 Mini Matte Box...

Pack size 13*17*2cm

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