Movmax 150mm Bowl、100mm Bowl and Mitchell Mount

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  1. The Movmax slider's user's first choice.
  2. 150mm Bowl is 150mm in diameter and weight 0.65KG.  100mm Bowl in diameter and weight 0.35KG. Mitchell Mount weight 0.5KG. They are all compatible with Fluid heads OConnor 25750 , Tripods, Sliders, Lightweight Slider, Track, Billet Bazooka, Rolling Spider, General Accessories.
  3. Suitable for movies, TV series and TV shows.
  4. Best fit for Movmax slider and it can carry 15-20 KG. Apply to ARRI、SONY VENICE、PANAVISION、RED ARSENAL RED RANGER and RED DSMC2.
  5. Install on the slider.

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